#4 can make all the difference for you

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Did you spend some of your time during the Holidays writing down your 2021 goals? Accordingly to a global research, probably by this date you already failed some of your promises.

Strava, a social fitness network, used the information of over 800 million users back in 2019 and based on it predicts the day most people are likely to give up on their New Year’s Resolution is January 19. They call it the “Quitter’s Day.”

But why is it so hard to set clear goals?

It’s really common to hear from people that they want to be rich, happy, famous…

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How many times did you hear in the same phrase these two things: 2020 and uncertain times? Yes, 2020 was a crazy year that put all of us upside down. Living in Italy, gave me a seat in the front row almost like a premiere to the pandemic. I remember talking to my mom (she lives in Brazil) at the end of February saying that we were planning to stay at home because things were getting weird, and she said something like: “you are freaking out too soon”. Well, I’d love to say that she was right at the moment.

I’m now in week 4! Big changes so far

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December 16 was the first day of my social media experiment. I decided to quit social media for 8 weeks to see what could happen. Before that, I spent a couple of days thinking about how could I make it happen if I have an online business. It seemed kind of crazy to me, but having the obligation to use social media was hitting hard not only my productivity but also my creativity.

There is no need to talk about the effects of it on our behavior, such as relationships and within. Just in case, if you didn’t watch “The…

5 tips for you if you feel the same.

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Almost every day before I go to bed, I like to read a book or watch something on Netflix so I can disconnect my brain from all the things. Yesterday was supposed to be a calm evening, and after I put my kids to sleep, I made some tea for myself and chose a movie to watch.

I was getting sleepy and turned off the TV as my husband was looking like he was already in a deep dream. I took a deep breath, did my visualization ritual for the night, and relaxed. This was when I remembered that my…

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After this last year, have you been thinking about just throwing the towel and move somewhere else, change career, discover the world, or all of those together? Yes, I feel you.

2020 was not only a challenging year, but I also believe it was a year for us to review our lives and see if what we are doing is worth it or just a bunch of moments with no matter.

I have two kids, 9 and 17 years old. One thing that I’ve learned is that kids will never be an excuse for us to do whatever we want…

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I have a weird habit; I like to read two books at the same time. I like to read business books, and crazy authors like George Orwell in the morning so I can let my brain absorb everything and work with the information during the day. Before bed, I prefer to read some fiction or self-help, it keeps me calm and relaxed for a good night. Do you do that too?

The thing is, I love to work and I’m always open to new ideas and because of that I’m always looking for inspiration from different places. …

5 tips to help you based on my own mistakes.

photo: Fabio Fistarol
photo: Fabio Fistarol
Photo: Fabio Fistarol

I remember as a kid listening to my dad’s tapes, being crazy about the New Kids on The Block, and as I was growing, dreaming about speaking English like it was my first language. Watching MTV and listening to POP songs was something that just brings me to a whole new dimension.

In the real world, I was struggling with my English classes where year after year we were studying grammar and trying to memorize a bunch of verbs.

It was when I moved to New York in 2013 that I had to face for real the craziness and beauty…

Giovana Duailibe

Mom of two, an immigrant, born in Brazil, living now in Italy after 5 years in NY. I write about business, mindset, real adventures and whatever comes to mind.

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